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  • 10th 2013
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  • 5th 2007
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From 19th to the 24th of May the 2013 World Club Championship was opened in Club Nine Bridges and Haesley Nine Bridges create a sense of community amongst prestigious world clubs and to commend the amateur golf spirit.

Members from each club showed extreme skill and a dignified mannerism during their fair competition. The 2013 WCC championships went to the St. Georges Golf & Country Club from Canada. Club Nine Bridges received great praise from golf officials and players from different parts of the world for their differentiated service, beautiful luxury course and great facility. Furthermore, through this event Club Nine Bridges was once more able to state their status as a world’s acknowledged prestigious club.

[ 2013, WCC Declares a Bright Vision ]
The day for the opening ceremony of the 2013 WCC was accompanied with a clear day. Club Nine Bridges looked much more beautiful for the clear day provided the superb view of Mount. Hanla (Hallasan) in the background.
The opening ceremony started with the Jeju Girls’ Commercial High School’s majorette march. The participating players entered smiling at the helpers who were wearing the participating players’ countries’ traditional clothes. Professional golfer Choi Kyung-Ju wished a successful competition and cheered for the success of the participating golfers in his opening speech. He also expressed his thanks to the CJ group who were holding ‘Choi Kyung-Ju CJ Invitational’ every October at Haesley Nine Bridge.
The fact that Choi Kyung-Ju made an appearance even during his PGA tour caused surprise and pleasure amongst the golfers and officials in the ceremony. His speech was continued by the Jeju Provincial Arts Organization’s performance. Following was the WCC Song sung by ‘the Voice of Korea’ season 1 participant Lee Eun A and singer Park Won, which embedded a great impression to the golfers.

[ Cheers and Emotions Brought through the Fair Competition ]
The 2013 WCC started with the past WCC champions’ Tee Ceremony. The game proceeded through the stroke system. The 1st round’s winner was South Africa’s Durban Country Club, followed by Portugal’s Oitavos Dunes Golf Club. Unfortunately the Korea’s Club Nine Bridge’s representing golfers had to play a difficult game due to bad conditions. The 2nd Round’s 1st place was once again South Africa’s Durban Country Club; the 2nd was Ireland’s Portmarnock Golf Club; the 3rd, Britain’s Sunningdale Golf Club; and the 4th was Canada’s St. Georges Golf & Country Club.

The coming top of the semifinals, played on the same day, was South Africa’s Durban Country Club and Canada’s St. Georges Golf and Country Club. Ireland’s Portmarnock Golf Club and Britain’s Sunningdale Golf Club, which placed 3rd and 4th respectively, received automatic slots for the 2014 WCC.
On the last day of the Competition, 24th of May, the finals continued on to an extension. At the end of the close and heated game, Canada’s St. Georges Golf & Country Club won the championships of the 2013 WCC. Golfers from different clubs also showed great sportsmanship and friendship by congratulating the champions.

[ Ending the 2013 WCC and Preparing for the 2015 WCC ]
The Closing Ceremonies opened to close the 2013 WCC. Members of different clubs congratulated the success of the 2013 WCC by holding hands with the members of the Jeju Provincial Arts Organization. Also, they put in their prized possessions, prepared before hand, in a time capsule so that they could continue their friendships even when time goes on.

During the dinner provided after the Closing Ceremonies, there was a performance by the Animation Crew that made an appearance in ‘Korea’s Got Talent.’ Following was the Club Nine Bridges’ staff dance performance that provided the golfers to have a great time dancing along. The golfers continued to give thanks to the members and staff of Club Nine Bridges who provided them a great time. After all the official events were over, the golfers and Club Nine Bridges Staffs came to hole 18 to watch the fireworks and wished each other a good time till they will meet again in Club Nine Bridges in 2015.

WCC Participant countries and clubs
2013 WCC Participant countries and clubs
Participant countries club name world rank
Australia Kingston Heath GC 14th
Royal Melbourne GC  
Canada St. George’s G&CC 89th
England Royal St. George’s GC 34th
Sunningdale GC
France Morfontaine GC 54th
Ireland Portmarnock GC 44th
Japan Tokyo GC 99th
Mexico Diamante GC -
Northern Ireland Royal Portrush GC 13th
Portugal Oitavos Dunes 88th
Scotland Royal Troon GC 48th
St. Andrews GC  
South Africa Durban CC 94th
South Korea The Club at Nine Bridges 55th
Haesley Nine Bridges -
Spain Valderamma GC 76th
United States Los Angeles CC 52th
Muirfield Village GC -
Oakmont CC 1st
Pine Valley GC 1st
Seminole GC 21th
final result
2013 final result
rank club name country
1 St. George’s G&CC Canada
2 Durban CC South Africa
3 Portmarnock GC Ireland
4 Sunningdale GC England
photo sketch
  • 2013 wcc, the 1st photo
  • 2013 wcc, the 2st photo

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