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SKINS GAME 2001 1th

Four of the world-class Korean female golfers including Seri Park, Mi Hyun Kim, Grace Park, and Soo Yun Kang had a skins game at the Club at Nine Bridges on the 5th day of November, 2011.

Prior to the main event, they drew applause from a herd of gallery with perfect demonstration of exquisite golf skills for 180-yard trouble shot and 80 yard approach shot through the skills challenge. In the main event, Grace Park bore off the palm, claiming the prize of KRW 43,000,000 out of total KRW 80,000,000.

As an extremely rare golf event held in this country, it was attended by scores of reporters and galleries who had been longing for the best play in the best course.

Final Result
최종 경기 결과 리스트
hole result prize money
1st hole Tie
2nd hole Won by Seri Park with a 1m birdie with a six iron KRW 3,000,000
3rd hole Won by Mi Hyun Kim with a 3m birdie KRW 1,500,000
4th hole Won by Seri Park with a birdie with an eight iron KRW 2,000,000
5th hole Won by Grace Park with a 1.5m birdie KRW 2,000,000
6th hole Tie
7th hole Won by Seri Park Kim with a 2m birdie KRW 6,000,000
8th hole Tie
9th hole Tie
10th hole Tie
11th hole Won by Grace Park with a 2m birdie KRW 17,000,000
12th hole Tie
13th hole Tie
14th hole Tie
15th hole Won by Grace Park with a 30cm birdie KRW 24,000,000
16th hole Tie
Prize Money Raking
  • 1st Grace Park KRW 43,000,000
  • 2nd Seri Park KRW 21,000,000
  • 3rd Soo Yun Kang KRW 14,500,000
  • 4th Mi Hyun Kim KRW 1,500,000
Player & VIP Interviews
Seri Park (2001 US LPGA Ranking 2nd)
Seri Park
I think that every hole of the Club at Nine Bridges has such an outstanding and original feature of its own. Particularly, those intricate bunkers required extreme concentration for a pro like me. For the entire game, I had a really good impression and I believe that this course is every bit as good as that of famous golf courses in the States.
Mi Hyun Kim (2001 US LPGA Ranking 8th)
Mi Hyun Kim
I tend to hack at the ball with an iron, but strangely enough, there was little shock to my arm and elbow. I possibly guess that it is mostly because of bent grass fairway. In my opinion, this course seems to be better managed than those of golf clubs for LPGA Major Championship.
Grace Park (2001 US LPGA 23th)
Grace Park
I was a little nervous as it had been almost 10 years since I played in my homeland for the last time, but now I am really delighted to win this game after all. I had such a great shot condition and I would like to attribute my successful return to Korea to the great course of the Club at Nine Bridges.
Soo Yun Kang (2001 KLPGA Ranking 1st)
Soo Yun Kang
It goes without saying that the course of the Club at Nine Bridges is beyond the level of domestic golf courses. I am convinced that anyone can enjoy golfing here in the midst of beautiful sceneries. To make a long story short, it was also very easy for me to adjust the direction of ball to which I wanted to send.
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