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GEO Certified 09/2019 GEO Acquired GEO Certificate Sustainable environment-friendly golf club

The Club at NINE BRIDGES acquired 'Environment-friendly Golf Club' certificate from Golf Environment Organization (GEO), the certificate authority for sustainable environment-friendly golf club on Sep, 2019.

GEO is world's leading certificate authority for environment-friendly golf club cooperating to certify environment-friendly golf club and consult and operate the international tournament to be environment-friendly by evaluating the sustainability and environment-friendliness of the golf clubs all over the world.

Environment-friendly golf club certificate is executed by the site verification of the Verifier designated by GEO for current observing activities and improvement direction based on the three evaluation items (Nature, resources and community).

The Club at NINE BRIDGES carefully executed the course design and construction to preserve the natural scenery because it is located at the height of 600 meters above the sea level at the Hallasan Mountain which is the UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. Especially, to prevent the natural streams, they are preserved as the in its natural state among the course. As the result of it, it is possible to find out lots of animals and plants easily.

The consumption of water decreased 53% based on the result to increase the unmanaged area and decrease the fairway continuously. The Club at NINE BRIDGES becomes another property for the nature and people based on the result of the effort for the sustainability.

1. Introduction of GEO
  • - Supervisor: Golf Environment Organization (GEO, England)
  • - Selection Cycle: 3 years. GEO reevaluates with 3 years cycle since 2000, and a leading certificate authority cooperating to certify sustainable environment-friendly colf club and consult and operate the tournament to be environment-friendly by evaluating the sustainability and environment-friendliness. The Old Course in St. Andrew, hometown of the golf and one of the 'World 100 golf courses', also improves the sustainability through the GEO program. R&A, UNEP, European Tour, Ryder Cup, PGA, EIGCA, ASGCA, Rolex and so on taking charge of the golf rule all over the world excluing North America area in company with USGA are sponsoring supporting GEO.
2. Evaluation Items

- GEO evaluation items are classified as nature, community and resources closely related with the sustainability of the golf club and evaluates the practises for each item.

  • Nature : Habitats & Biodiversity / Turf Grass / Pollution Prevention
  • Resources : Water / Energy / Materials
  • Community : Outreach / Golfers and Employees / Communication
3. Evaluation Method and Procedure

- GEO completes the certification by 1st verification at On-Course Dashboard and 2nd verification by Korean Verifier officially designated by GEO.

  • Online application of On-Course Dashboard
  • 1st verification by GEO
  • Site visit of the Verifier
  • Submission of final report by the Verifier
  • Certification complete
  • * Online application of On-Course Dashboard
    A. Golf club profile B. Environment-friendly operation applicaiton checks and reports C. Upload current golf club story D. Verifier application.
  • * Site visit of the Verifier
    A. Review online submission data prior to visit B. Site visit.

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