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Swiss Perfection’s scientific health and beauty system will allow you to relieve yourself from fatigue and allow
you to keep your body in shape and skin younger. Feel your cells become alive with the special service of watching
the beautiful nature through the window.

Book and Contact : Tel. +82-64-793-9977

Swiss Perfection Wellness SPAMED

CLP, the world’s best skin rejuvenation medical center established in Swiss Mont Tteuru, 1931

The birth place of the currently best existing care line, Swiss Perfection, is a dream-like sanctuary where the world’s
VIP Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth II, etc. came to seek physical, psychological, and mental stability.
Now you can meet the CLP’s scientific multiple skin rejuvenation program in the Intercontinental Hotel (New bldg.),
the Hilton Hotel, as well as Club Nine Bridges.

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spa program
Spa Programs Table
Program Description Price Duration
Perfect Cellular Treatment Hydro therapy & Intensive facial & Total body treatment ₩550,000 180min.
Intensive facial & Total body treatment ₩440,000 120min.
Cellular Special Treatment Hydro tub & Total body treatment ₩440,000 120min.
Vichy shower & Total body treatment ₩440,000 120min.
Cellular Body Treatment Total body treatment ₩330,000 90min.
Back & Legs treatment ₩220,000 60min.
Cellular Facial Treatment Intensive facial & Back treatment ₩330,000 90min.
Intensive facial treatment ₩220,000 60min.
Cellular Back Treatment Back treatment ₩110,000 45min.
Cellular Foot Treatment
(Foot Care Center)
Foot spa & Foot reflex therapy ₩77,000 40min.
  • Advance reservations are required to ensure availability
  • 50% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel on your scheduled arrival date or No show
  • Operating Hours: AM 9:00 - PM 6:00 (Closing times are subject to change depending on the season)
  • Reservation Inquiries: 064-793-9977 (ext. 977)

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