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TOP100 course in the world - Being the first-ever domestic fairway laid with bent grass formerly used exclusively for green, and ranked in Top 100 out of over 36,000 golf courses around the world in 2005 we have played an important role as a pioneer which adds a sense of class to Korean golf courses
Maria Kazvan
World Club Championship - As one of the most notable golf tournaments that the champions of world*s 100 best golf clubs take part in, and the first international amateur golf tournament that the Club at Nine Bridges introduced in 2002, the World Club Championship is meaningful in that numerous prestigious golf clubs across the world are united into one.
Maria Kazvan
Nature let course harmonize - The superlative golf course in harmony with nature and the superior golf course which lives and breathes ecosystem preserved for thousands of years are genuine features of the Club at Nine Bridges, Jeju
Maria Kazvan