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  • 10th 2013


    From 19th to the 24th of May the 2013 World Club Championship was opened in Club Nine Bridges and Haesley Nine Bridges create a sense of community amongst prestigious world clubs and to commend the amateur golf spirit.

    Members from each club showed extreme skill and a dignified mannerism during their fair competition. The 2013 WCC championships went to the St. Georges Golf & Country Club from Canada. Club Nine Bridges received great praise from golf officials and players from different parts of the world for their differentiated service, beautiful luxury course and great facility. Furthermore, through this event Club Nine Bridges was once more able to state their status as a world’s acknowledged prestigious club.

    [ 2013, WCC Declares a Bright Vision ]
    The day for the opening ceremony of the 2013 WCC was accompanied with a clear day. Club Nine Bridges looked much more beautiful for the clear day provided the superb view of Mount. Hanla (Hallasan) in the background.
    The opening ceremony started with the Jeju Girls’ Commercial High School’s majorette march. The participating players entered smiling at the helpers who were wearing the participating players’ countries’ traditional clothes. Professional golfer Choi Kyung-Ju wished a successful competition and cheered for the success of the participating golfers in his opening speech. He also expressed his thanks to the CJ group who were holding ‘Choi Kyung-Ju CJ Invitational’ every October at Haesley Nine Bridge.
    The fact that Choi Kyung-Ju made an appearance even during his PGA tour caused surprise and pleasure amongst the golfers and officials in the ceremony. His speech was continued by the Jeju Provincial Arts Organization’s performance. Following was the WCC Song sung by ‘the Voice of Korea’ season 1 participant Lee Eun A and singer Park Won, which embedded a great impression to the golfers.

    [ Cheers and Emotions Brought through the Fair Competition ]
    The 2013 WCC started with the past WCC champions’ Tee Ceremony. The game proceeded through the stroke system. The 1st round’s winner was South Africa’s Durban Country Club, followed by Portugal’s Oitavos Dunes Golf Club. Unfortunately the Korea’s Club Nine Bridge’s representing golfers had to play a difficult game due to bad conditions. The 2nd Round’s 1st place was once again South Africa’s Durban Country Club; the 2nd was Ireland’s Portmarnock Golf Club; the 3rd, Britain’s Sunningdale Golf Club; and the 4th was Canada’s St. Georges Golf & Country Club.

    The coming top of the semifinals, played on the same day, was South Africa’s Durban Country Club and Canada’s St. Georges Golf and Country Club. Ireland’s Portmarnock Golf Club and Britain’s Sunningdale Golf Club, which placed 3rd and 4th respectively, received automatic slots for the 2014 WCC.
    On the last day of the Competition, 24th of May, the finals continued on to an extension. At the end of the close and heated game, Canada’s St. Georges Golf & Country Club won the championships of the 2013 WCC. Golfers from different clubs also showed great sportsmanship and friendship by congratulating the champions.

    [ Ending the 2013 WCC and Preparing for the 2015 WCC ]
    The Closing Ceremonies opened to close the 2013 WCC. Members of different clubs congratulated the success of the 2013 WCC by holding hands with the members of the Jeju Provincial Arts Organization. Also, they put in their prized possessions, prepared before hand, in a time capsule so that they could continue their friendships even when time goes on.

    During the dinner provided after the Closing Ceremonies, there was a performance by the Animation Crew that made an appearance in ‘Korea’s Got Talent.’ Following was the Club Nine Bridges’ staff dance performance that provided the golfers to have a great time dancing along. The golfers continued to give thanks to the members and staff of Club Nine Bridges who provided them a great time. After all the official events were over, the golfers and Club Nine Bridges Staffs came to hole 18 to watch the fireworks and wished each other a good time till they will meet again in Club Nine Bridges in 2015.

    WCC Participant countries and clubs
    2013년 WCC 참가국 및 클럽
    Participant countries club name world rank
    Australia Kingston Heath GC 14th
    Royal Melbourne GC  
    Canada St. George’s G&CC 89th
    England Royal St. George’s GC 34th
    Sunningdale GC
    France Morfontaine GC 54th
    Ireland Portmarnock GC 44th
    Japan Tokyo GC 99th
    Mexico Diamante GC -
    Northern Ireland Royal Portrush GC 13th
    Portugal Oitavos Dunes 88th
    Scotland Royal Troon GC 48th
    St. Andrews GC  
    South Africa Durban CC 94th
    South Korea The Club at Nine Bridges 55th
    Haesley Nine Bridges -
    Spain Valderamma GC 76th
    United States Los Angeles CC 52th
    Muirfield Village GC -
    Oakmont CC 1st
    Pine Valley GC 1st
    Seminole GC 21th
    final result
    2013년 최종 경기 결과 리스트
    rank club name country
    1 St. George’s G&CC Canada
    2 Durban CC South Africa
    3 Portmarnock GC Ireland
    4 Sunningdale GC England
    photo sketch
  • 9th 2011


    The 2011 World Club Championship (WCC) came to an end after its five-day schedule. The 2011 WCC that opened in Club Nine Bridges from the 16th to the 20th of May ended with the Durban Country Club from South Africa winning the championships.

    In 2002 the WCC was the first to be created in the world to create a global community amongst the prestigious golf clubs and to commend the amateur golf spirit. This year’s competition, which is the eighth of its kind, held the opening ceremony in Haesley’s ‘Sister Club’ had especially more meaning to the cause.

    The WCC, which in its first year had only 18 clubs from 6 different countries – the U.S., the U.K., Scotland, Scotland, Australia, and Korea – now has 20 clubs from 15 different countries with 40 participating golfers. The participating clubs included the champions from the previous WCC, the U.S.’s LA CC, and the World’s number one course, U.S. Pine Valley, Australia’s Royal Malvern, Scotland’s Royal Troon, England’s Royal St. Georges, Spain’s Valderrama, Japan’s Naruo, etc. – the clubs that were selected with the World’s Best 100 Courses – and the golf clubs that helped the development of amateur golf were invited as well.

    Starting from the 2011 WCC, the way of game play rules changed so that there were two preliminary rounds with four ball strokes that chose four teams that were chosen to be the semi finalists that played off for the championships. On the other hand, the other 16 teams decided their ranks in the Chairman’s Division so that the winning club of the division could win an automatic slot for the following year’s WCC.

    In this year’s WCC many high ranking golf officials attended, heightening the reputation and size of the WCC from those of the previous years.

    [2011. 5. 16 The First Day of the Competition]
    The first day of the 2011 WCC opened in Kyungido Yeoju Haesley Golf Center with an Am-Am Tournament. One club member from Club Haesley and Club Nine Bridges were divided into teams with club members from different countries so that they could share intimacy and friendship. This competition’s winner was the four golfers from China’s Pine Valley Club champions and the Haesley Club champions. After the round, the opening dinner that stated the beginning of the WCC took place and the members from each country exchanged greetings for meeting again after two years. The pick of the evening was when the singer Woo Jung-Hoon came and sang the WCC Song, which was released for the first time the same year.

    [2011. 5. 17. The Second Day of the Competition]
    The second day of the competition provided a practice game at the golf course where the real competition would take place, in Jeju Island Club Nine Bridges. Even though it was just a practice game, the champions from different clubs and countries showed prowess that would appear just in the real game, providing a expectation for a exciting game in the days to come.

    [2011. 5. 18. The Third Day of the Competition]
    The opening ceremony started in the morning with the traditional wind band of Korea. Following the performance where the members of the previous year’s championship club LA CC gave the WCC Trophy back to the WCC was the naming the golfers of each club. The ceremony ended with the Jeju Provincial Arts Organization performing a beautiful traditional Korean fan-dance. In the afternoon, the first preliminary round was played with a four ball stroke play. The game finished with the amazing results with nine teams finishing with under-par. The two members of South Africa’s Durban Club – which is the furthest country from Korea – rose as the favorites to win when they scored 63 strokes, which was 5 strokes lower than that of the second place U.S.’s Winged Foot Club.

    [2011. 5. 19. The Fourth Day of the Competition]
    On the morning of the fourth day of the competition was the second preliminary round. The scores from the first preliminary round from the previous day were combined with that of the second to select those who would go on to the Semi-Finals. As expected, the South Africa’s Durban Club went up to the Semi-Finals with the combined score of 131 strokes. Following were the North Ireland’s Royal Port Rush with 138 strokes, and the U.S.’s Seminole and LA CC each having scored 139 strokes – all receiving the tickets to the Semi-Finals. The player of the Seminole’s Club Champion was 2009 U.S.’s Pine Valley Club Champion, and the others who played all attracted eyes from different clubs.
    In the afternoon the semi-finalists had a match play; however, due to the member’s careful plays the match-play did not come to an end and was postponed to the following day.

    [2011. 5. 20 The Last Day of the Competition]

    The last day of the competition was started with the follow-up of the four clubs’ match-play that was unable to finish the previous day to decide the finalists. The Durban Club from South Africa came on top of the U.S.’s Seminole and the Northern Ireland’s Port Rush was able to defeat the U.S.’s LA CC; thus, making the finalists the Durban Club and Port Rush to decide the championships in the final match play. Meanwhile, in the Second League – the Chairman’s Division – the prestigious Australia’s Royal Malvern won first place, providing them a slot for the following year’s WCC. Though the Jeju Club Nine Bridges and the Haesley club members gave their best shots, they were unable to receive good results.

    The final match play ended unexpectedly quickly. The South Africa’s Durban Club Champions were able to win the Northern Ireland’s Royal Port Rush in the 2nd half 6th hole through receiving 4 under pars. The two prestigious American clubs’ match play for the 3rd and 4th place also was interesting. The two teams both kept their focus even until the 2nd half 17th hole due to All-Square. In the final 18th hole it seemed as if the Seminole golfers seemed to succeed in the in putting, yet the miss putt made them go to an extension. After one extension, the Seminole Club was able to win the LA CC. With this the 5 days of the 2011 WCC schedule ended. The hosting of the WCC changes annually and in 2012, the WCC will be opened in Mexico’s Diamante Golf Club.
    Meeting the 10th Anniversary of Opening, Club Nine Bridges were able to show globally to the golf officials and golfers around the world of that they were a world prestigious golf club with their well-kept course, great facility, and great service, along with Korean culture through the 2011 WCC.

    WCC Participant countries and clubs
    2011년 WCC 참가국 및 클럽 리스트
    Participant countries club name world rank
    Australia Royal Melbourne GC 14th
    Canada St. George’s G&CC 89th
    China Reignwood Pine Valley GC
    England Royal St. George’s GC 34th
    Sunningdale GC
    France Morfontaine GC 54th
    Ireland Lahinch GC 44th
    Japan Naruo GC 99th
    Mexico Diamante GC -
    Northern Ireland Royal Portrush GC 13th
    Portugal Oitavos Dunes 88th
    Scotland Royal Troon GC 48th
    South Africa Durban CC 94th
    South Korea The Club at Nine Bridges 55th
    Haesley Nine Bridges -
    Spain Valderamma GC 76th
    United States Los Angeles CC 52th
    Pine Valley GC 1st
    Seminole GC 21th
    Winged Foot GC 23th
    photo sketch
  • 7th 2009


    A at long last, the final day A champagne ceremony was performed right after victory was confirmed.

    Pungmulpae (Korean traditional music and dance for festival) opened the gate of closing ceremony. During the ceremony, all the players, and quests showed one's thankfulness to each other and pledged to meet again. George Kim, the president of the Club at Nine Bridges, expressed his gratitude and friendship to the audience through the farewell speech. After the ceremony, closing awards dinner was followed. Everybody got together and shared their fellowship as the night goes on.

    the 7th World Club Championship will stay with us as a happy memory.

    WCC Participant countries and clubs
    2009년 WCC 참가국 및 클럽 리스트
    Participant countries club name world rank
    USA Pine Valley 1st
    Oakmont 9th
    Los Angeles 47th
    Scotland St.Andrews 3rd
    North Ireland Royal Portrush 12th
    Australia Royal Melbourne 15th
    UK Sunningdale 38th
    France Morfontaine 46th
    Ireland Portmarnock 49th
    Japan Tokyo 84th
    Spain Valderramma 89th
    South Africa Durban 96th
    Canada Hamilton 100th
    Portugal Oitavos Dunes Invited
    China Reignwood Pine Valley Invited
    Korea Nine Bridges 60th
    photo sketch
  • 5th 2007


    The 4th Annual 2007 World Club Championship (WCC) returned May 8-11, 2007 to The Club at Nine Bridges located on Jeju Island, South Korea following a strategic move in 2006 to the United States Sage Valley Golf Club, which marked the beginning of a rotation of Host Clubs.

    After a highly successful 2006 tournament, the field expanded from 18 of the finest clubs from GOLF Magazine's Top 100 courses around the world to 24 Clubs in 14 countries including 5 new clubs who greatly contributed to the amateur game in their respective countries. Each club was represented by a team of two players with a handicap of three or better comprised of the Club Champion and a partner of his choice. The format included a day of qualifying and three days of match play better ball competition in the same tradition of the great team amateur events.

    Sunningdale Golf Club, England's team of Crispin Manson and Marcus Ferguson Jones defeated in match play the 2006 defending champions Pine Valley Golf Club, USA team of Norm Swenson and Tom Case. Manson made an eagle to get into contention and his partner Marcus Ferguson Jones shot an eagle to win on the fifth palyoff hole after 8 hours and 45minutes at the 5th Annual World Club Championship (WCC) hosted by The Club at Nine Bridges, Jeju Island, South Korea May 8-11, 2007. Sunningdale was the Inaugural WCC Champion in 2002.

    The complete list of participating clubs for 2007 are: Australia: The Royal Melbourne GC, Kingston Heath GC; Canada: Hamilton Golf & CC China: Pine Valley GC China England: Royal Birkdate GC, Sunningdale GC, Wentworth GC; France: Morfontaine GC; India: Delhi GC Ireland: Portmarnock GC Japan: Naruo GC; Tokyo GC Portugal: Oitavos Dunes Scotland: Carnoustie GC, Royal Dornoch GC South Africa: Durban CC; Spain: Valderrama GC; U.S.: Bel-Air CC, Los Angeles CC, Inverness Club, Pine Valley GC, Sage Valley Golf Club, Winged Foot Golf Club, and host country South Korea: The Club at Nine Bridge.

    The event was televised around the world on the Golf Channel in July, Produced by seven-time Emmy winner Terry Jastrow, Jastrow Productions and hosted by the great Australian player and established commentator Bruce Devlin.

    Compared by experts of the game to the Ryder Cup, Walker Cup and the President's Cup, the World Club Championship chose to follow these great amateur world-wide team events, and unanimously agreed to name the WCC trophy after Nine Bridges Owner and WCC Founding Patron, Jay H. Lee for his dedication to the amateur game.

    WCC Participant countries and clubs
    2007년 WCC 참가국 및 클럽 리스트
    Participant countries club name world rank
    USA Pine Valley 1st
    Winged Foot 26th
    LA CC 51th
    Inverness 62th
    Bel-Air Invited
    Sage Valley Invited
    Australia Royal Melbourne 10th
    Kinston Heath 20th
    UK Royal Birkdale 31th
    Sunningdale 46th
    Wentworth 85th
    Japan Tokyo 94th
    Naruo 100th
    Scotland Royal Dornoch 15th
    Carnoustie 22th
    South Africa Durban 81th
    Ireland Portmarnock 43th
    Spain Valderrama 70th
    Portugal Oitavos Golfe Invited
    France Morfontaine 57th
    Canada Hamilton 84th
    China Pine Valley Invited
    India Delhi Invited
    Korea Nine Bridges 95th
    • The rank is based on the 2007 Golf Magazine's 100 world's best courses.
    photo sketch
  • 3th 2005


    The 'World Club Championship', the competition where only the champions of world renowned golf clubs participate, was held from May 4 to May 6 at the Nine Bridges, the golf course that was the first in Korea to be included in World's top 100 private courses in 2004. The World Club Championship celebrating its third competition received reviews as a club reborn with a new history, as many influential people in the Golf World attended this competition.

    One of them was Gary Gaillian, the chairperson of top 100 course selection committee for American golf magazine. It was his first visit to Korea, and upon his visit to Nine Bridges, the official sponsor medium for World Club Championship, he commented that "WCC is very meaningful competition, as a place of celebration for World's amateur golfers, and it has played its part as the guardians of true amateurism," and also said that "I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful competition." Beside Gary Gaillian, 7~8 other panels visited the Nine Bridges to see the golf course arising as the best course in Asia, reaffirming the reputation of Nine Bridges.

    Participating clubs included four from America including Pine Valley, ranked number 1 spot in the world, tow from Scotland including Saint Andrews that opened British Open, two from Australia including the previous year's winner Kingston Heath, two from Britain including Sunningdale, their third participation, Lahinch from Ireland with beautiful surroundings, Royal Port Rush from North Ireland, Saint George from Canada, Naruo of Japan, Balderama of Spain, Durban from South Africa, Morfanteneur from France, their first participation in this competition, and Club Nine Bridges of Korea resulting in a participation of 18 different clubs from 12 countries.

    Royal Port Rush team (North Ireland) that created the teenager sensation won the 2005 World Club Championship. Due to the storm and fog, the competition did not complete the initial plan of three rounds, and the winner was chosen from the result of first round, where participants Matthew Calfin (17 years old) and Christopher Hugh (18 years old) of Royal Port Rush Played four ball stroke method (best score is selected and recorded) and scoring 5 under par on the first day, surprising all people involved at the competition.

    Participant clubs
    2005년 참가클럽 리스트
    Participant countries club name
    Australia Royal Melbourne
    Kingston Heath
    Canada St.George's Golf & CC
    England Sunningdale
    Royal St. George's
    France Morfontaine
    Ireland Lahinch
    Japan Naruo
    N. Ireland Royal Portrush
    Scotland St. Andrews
    Royal Troon
    South Africa Durban
    South Korea Nine Bridges
    Spain Valderrama
    USA Pine Valley
    LA CC
    final result
    2005년 최종 경기 결과 리스트
    rank score club name country
    1 -5 Royal Portrush Northern Ireland
    2 -2 Sunningdale England(2004 2nd place team)
    2 -2 Royal St. George's England
    4 -1 Kingston Heath Australia(2004 defending champions)
    4 -1 Durban South Africa
    4 -1 Naruo Japan
    4 -1 St. Andrews Scotland
    8 E Lahinch Ireland
    9 +1 Pine Valley USA
    9 +1 Los Angeles(North) USA
    11 +2 Valderrama Spain
    11 +2 Royal Melbourne Australia
    13 +3 St. George's Canada
    14 +4 Merion USA
    15 +5 Seminole USA
    15 +5 Morfontaine France
    17 +6 Royal Troon Scotland
    18 +8 Nine Bridges South Korea
    photo sketch
  • 2th 2004


    The '2004 World Club Championship', the competition that selects the top golfer among club champions of best golf clubs around the world, was held from May 5 to May 7 at the Nine Bridges, the golf course that ranked number on best golf course of Korea in 2003. The competition was held for three days, with participation form champions (two professionals in one group) from 18 different clubs of 12 countries. The 2004 competition received approval from R&A (British Royal Golf Club) and was sponsored by world's premier golf magazine, GOLF MAGAZINE of America, and it can be noted that the competition was given global acceptance in competition ranking aspect.

    Participating clubs included three from America including Pine Valley, considered the world's most beautiful course, two from Scotland including Royal Troon that held British Open, two from Australia including Royal Saint George, Paraparaumu beach of New Zealand, Saint George of Canada, Naruo of Japan, Balderama of Spain, and Club Nine Bridges of Korea resulting in participation from 18 different clubs from 12 countries.

    The first day of competition included four ball stroke (where participants played with their own balls and best points were selected as the team point), the second day included the traditional European competition type foursome stroke (two professionals form a group and play the game with one ball alternately where scores are recorded), and the third day included stroke play. Kingston Heath Club of Australia, ranked at 21th on the World's 100 courses (2003), was placed as the leader of the second World Club Championship of 2004. Representatives of Nine Bridges Korea (Jin Suk Yang, Young Chan Kim) were ranked at the 17th place before Naruo's representatives with 22 over par on the last day, resulting in total of 43 over par.

    Through America's Golf Channel, 2004 World Club Championship was broadcasted to global TV Network including America, Canada, Japan, and Korea on June 1, and the contents of the broadcast included contents introducing Jeju Island and Korea, which contributed to introducing not only Jeju Island but also Nine Bridges golf course to golfers around the world.

    Participant clubs
    2004년 참가클럽 리스트
    Participant countries club name
    Australia Royal Melbourne
    Kingston Heath
    Canada St.George's Golf & CC
    England Sunningdale
    Royal St. George's
    Ireland Ballybunion(Old)
    Japan Naruo
    New Zealand Paraparaumu Beach
    N. Ireland Royal Portrush
    Scotland Royal Troon(Old)
    St. Andrews(Old)
    South Africa Durban
    South Korea Nine Bridges
    Spain Valderrama
    USA Los Angeles(North)
    Pine Valley
    final result
    2004년 최종 경기 결과 리스트
    rank club name round 1 round 2 round 3 Total Total
    1 KINGSTON HEATH -4 -4 3 -5 283
    2 SUNNINGDALE -4 -1 7 2 290
    3 LOS ANGELES -4 -3 11 4 292
    4 SAINT GEORGE -3 1 11 9 297
    5 ROYAL MELBOURNE -1 5 8 12 300
    6 VALDERRAMA -1 6 10 15 303
    7 OAKMONT 2 3 13 18 306
    7 Royal PORTRUSH 3 5 10 18 306
    9 PORTMARNOCK 2 0 18 20 308
    9 PARAPARAUMU E 4 16 20 308
    11 ROYAL GEORGE 3 3 15 21 309
    11 DURBAN E 7 14 21 309
    13 PINE VALLEY 4 5 15 24 312
    14 BALLYBUNION 6 2 23 31 319
    15 ROYAL TROON 6 9 23 39 327
    16 SAINT ANDREWS -1 11 13 39 327
    17 NINE BRIDGES 5 16 22 43 331
    18 NARUO 8 13 25 46 334
    photo sketch
    • 2004 wcc, the 1st photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 2nd photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 3rd photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 4th photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 5th photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 6th photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 7th photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 8th photo
    • 2004 wcc, the 9th photo
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 1th 2002


    The World Club Championship was held in the Club Nine Bridges from October 1 to October 4. As the top professionals and champions belong to the world's 100 best courses have participated in this competition, it was an event worthy of news not only in Korea but also internationally.

    Participating clubs were chosen by the clubs from Top 100 clubs from a country having at least three clubs ranked at world's best 100 clubs. Participating clubs included three clubs from America including Pine Valley (world's #1) considered the most beautiful course in the world, three clubs from Scotland including Muirfield (world's #9) which held British Open for over 14 times, where even Tiger Woods took off his hat to deep bunker and rough, two clubs from Australia including Royal Melbourne (world's #10), two clubs from Ireland including Ballybunion (world's #11) known for its beautiful ocean view, two clubs from England including Royal St. Geourge's (world's 27), and Club Nine Bridges of Korea with a total of 18 clubs from six different countries participating in a heated match.

    Winners of the competition, which last for three days, were Lincoln Bolsover and Richard Caldwell from Sunningdale GC of England. Final score of Sunningdale was -10, placing themselves in the top place, while on second place was Royal Melbourne with final score of +5, and on third place was Los Angeles CC with score of +6. Club Nine Bridges of Korea was ranked at 16th place with score of +32.

    WCC Participant countries and clubs
    2002년 WCC 참가국 및 클럽 리스트
    Participant countries club name world rank
    USA Pine Valley 1st
    Oakmont Country Club 16th
    Oaklan 25th
    Los Angeles CC 61th
    Scotland Muirfield 9th
    Royal Dornoch 15th
    Turnberry Club 18th
    Carnoustie Golf Club 22th
    England Royal St. George's Golf Club 27th
    Royal Birkdale 29th
    Sunningdale 36th
    Ireland Ballybunion Golf Club 11th
    Portmarnock Golf Club 34th
    Lahinch Golf Club 67th
    Australia Royal Melbourne Golf Club 10th
    Kingston Health Golf Club 28th
    New South Wales 47th
    Korea Club Nine Bridges 2003 100th Club Challenge Course/Challenge Course
    • The rank is based on the 2001 Golf Magazine's 100 world's best courses.
    final result
    2002년 최종 경기 결과 리스트
    country club name 1round (10/2) 2round (10/3) 3round (10/4) Total
    England Sunningdale -6 +5 -9 -10
    Australia Royal Melbourne -3 +6 +2 +5
    USA Los Angeles CC -2 +2 +6 +6
    USA Pine Valley +1 +6 +1 +8
    Ireland Portmarnock -2 +8 +4 +10
    Australia Kingston Health -1 +5 +9 +13
    Irela Ballybunion -4 +11 +8 +15
    England Royal St. George's -1 +7 +12 +18
    Scotland Royal Dornoch +1 +10 +8 +19
    USA Oakmont E +15 +5 +20
    Scotland Carnoustie +1 +13 +8 +22
    Ireland Lahinch E +11 +15 +26
    Australia New South -2 +14 +16 +28
    England Royal Birkdale +2 +11 +17 +39
    USA Oakland Hills +7 +8 +17 +32
    Korea Nine Bridges +4 +12 +19 +35
    Scotland Muirfield +5 +20 +12 +37
    Scotland Turnberr +3 +18 +17 +38
    • October 2 (Wednesday) : 1st Round (Four-Ball Stroke)
    • October 3 (Thursday): 2nd Round (Foursome Stroke)
    • October 4 (Friday): Final Round (Single Stroke)
    photo sketch
    • 2002 wcc, the 1st photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 2nd photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 3rd photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 4th photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 5th photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 6th photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 7th photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 8th photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 9th photo
    • 2002 wcc, the 10th photo
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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